INSEDA’s (Integrated Sustainable Energy and Ecological Development Association) Mission Statement

  • To provide services and guidance to members and other partner NGOs and facilitating their involvement for promoting and implementing sustainable development projects/programmes, through active target group’s participation and by facilitating establishment of micro level people’s institutions (MLPIs).
  • To facilitate as well as undertake capacity building programmes for the target groups/communities with a view to strengthen local skills, knowledge, initiatives and enterprises for participatory implementation of appropriate projects to re-generate and conserve micro-environment within their own micro-eco systems.
  • To provide services and guidance to member NGOs and other partner NGOs, in technical, socio-technical aspects for the implementation of appropriate projects for sustainable human development.
  • To provide services in information collection & dissemination; preparation of appropriate projects; and appraisal, monitoring & evaluation support services.
  • To provide expertise to NGOs in the capacity building related to sustainable energy & food production, eco-development and natural resources development, utilisation, maintenance and management.
  • To act as trainer of trainers in the field of renewable energy and ecological development for NGOs.
  • To promote and transfer appropriate renewable energy technologies (RETs) for meeting domestic fuel needs and energy conservation as well as RE based power generation in a decentralised manner.
  • To promote issue based, thematic and single technology based networking of grassroots NGOs. Also network with other national, regional & international groups/agencies involved in similar programmes.
  • To act as “APEX Body” as well as to take-up the responsibility for joint-implementation, over all coordination & management of the network and package projects/programmes promoted by INSEDA by involving its member NGOs. In such projects INSEDA plays the role of a Nodal Agency for channelling funds from donor/funding agencies, look after the capacity building of network project members and monitoring the project to realise the overall goal in an effective manner.

Fostering South-South Cooperation

Promoting national and inter-regional as well as South-South (S-S) and South-North-South (S-N-S) cooperation and network among organisations that are working in the fields of energy, ecology and environment development.

Facilitate Green Technology Transfer

Undertaking appropriate technology transfer in other developing countries; as well as, from other countries to India. Acting as a facilitator for such linkages.

Promote Sustainable Development

Assisting the undertaking of sustainable energy based decentralised power generation, especially in rural areas of the country.