Grameen Bandhu Biogas plant – A Pictorial Field Guide

Sukhad Chulha

SET Manual Singhla

SK 14 Solar cooker

SET Manual – Nepali jan 08

SET Manual – Hindi

Mannual on Solar Food Processing- AIWC

NGO Manual package

Micro Hydro Manual-CRT, Nepal

INforSE Manual on Sustainable Energy technology jan08



Fostering South-South Cooperation

Promoting national and inter-regional as well as South-South (S-S) and South-North-South (S-N-S) cooperation and network among organisations that are working in the fields of energy, ecology and environment development.

Facilitate Green Technology Transfer

Undertaking appropriate technology transfer in other developing countries; as well as, from other countries to India. Acting as a facilitator for such linkages.

Promote Sustainable Development

Assisting the undertaking of sustainable energy based decentralised power generation, especially in rural areas of the country.